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Still Resonates
Slice of Pain – 2022
Album cover Still Resonates

Damnatio Memoriae

Verse 1

Our story starts a random January night
When you burst into my life
We were young and innocent
And I guess that in a sense
I thought that it would last

Verse 2

And pretty soon it was us against the world
Running wild into the night
We were the kings of the world
But our kingdom fell to ashes


You said ride or die until the end
Guess you never believed that
It was just a promise that you made
That you broke without a thought
Now I stand on my own
On the road we should’ve shared
Yeah you left me alone
In the land of despair

Verse 3

Comes the summer comes the trouble
No one left to have my back
You let me down for a guy
And now when I look around
I’m faced with hostile eyes

Verse 4

I get it 2017 is long time gone
I just hate who you’ve become
How you cast me all out
But hey I’ll figure it out
As I always had


Guitar Solo


You said ride or die until the end
You never believed, never believed that
Never believed, never believed that


We said ride or die until the end
But I don’t really need you now
So I went back and erased
Our names we carved into stone
You’re no longer on my mind
I cursed you to oblivion
And I stand on my own
In the land I call my home


© Slice of Pain 2022
Production by Studio Crimson ♫ Crimson Pride in Noréaz
Record, mix and mastering by Joël Zamora

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