Slice of Pain

Hello friends! We are Slice of Pain and we play approximative rock!

Our adventure began in Épendes FR, Switzerland on June 6th 2019 and we were first on a stage during La Roche's Slow Surf in 2020.

We are five:
Joanne at the mic
Vincent at the drums
Emile at the electric violin
Camille at the bass
Romain at the guitar

We compose all our music ourselves. We call that approximative rock. It's uhh… most definitely rock, but we all have different influences, including but not limited to alternative rock, progressive, punk, pop rock, from Beethoven to reggaeton… why don't you just listen to it?

We hope that you enjoy our music and to see you sometime from the scene!

Muchos kisses :)


Contact: sliceofpainmusic

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